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The Clark Sound 24 epitomizes luxury and excellence with its top-tier features. Every detail, from its bow to stern, offers generous space tailored for dedicated anglers and their water-loving companions. Highlighted by the sought-after cooler cushion seats with backrest, it also boasts a standard leaning post with rod holders and SeaStar hydraulic steering with tilt helm. For enhanced fishing adventures, consider the optional pressurized livewells. Wherever your fishing journey takes you, the Clark Sound 24 ensures an unparalleled on-water experience.

Benefits of Vacuum Infusion
Benefits of Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion
“The Vacuum Infusion Process, or VIP for short is a composite process that offers the ability to create superior products out of fiber-reinforced plastics which are light in weight yet extremely strong.”
  • Better fiber to Resin ratio
  • Stronger laminate
  • Low void content
  • Reduce operator exposure to harmful emissions
  • Reduce resin usage due to pre-compacted fabric
  • Faster Ply lay-up
Flexibility in design
Experience the distinction

Clark Sound Boats are meticulously crafted using the finest materials in the industry. Our unique build methodology and innovative design ensure unmatched performance and efficiency, setting us apart from the competition. Experience the distinction—where quality you can see meets performance you can feel.

The Hybrid experience
unparalleled on-water experience.

Recently, the hybrid-bay boat has emerged as a favorite among inshore boating enthusiasts. Experienced boaters recognize that while versatility remains crucial, there's a desire to specialize in coastal fishing without compromising on family-friendly features. The hybrid-bay design perfectly bridges this gap, offering a balanced solution for both pursuits.

The Best Fishing experience
every detail is meticulously considered

From the perspective of an angler, every detail is meticulously considered in the Clark Sound 24. Tailored to meet the demands of coastal fishing, it boasts elevated casting decks at both ends and a secure cockpit to ensure your family's safety on the move. Complementing its design are features like a trolling motor, powered stake anchors, ample live wells, abundant rod holders, and dedicated tackle storage, equipping you with everything essential for a successful fishing expedition.

Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion
Benefits of Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion

Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion, also known as resin infusion or vacuum infusion, is a modern construction technique used in boatbuilding. Here are some of the benefits associated with marine hull infusion:

In the marine industry, hulls ranging from 6 meters to 40 meters, as well as decks, floors, trays, and other substantial components, are commonly constructed, emphasizing the importance of strength and weight considerations

Enhanced Strength and Durability:

Vacuum infusion ensures a consistent resin-to-fiber ratio, resulting in a stronger and more durable hull. This can provide boaters with increased confidence in their vessel's ability to withstand challenging marine conditions.

Improved Performance:
consistency and strength

The reduced weight of vacuum-infused hulls can lead to improved speed, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency, enhancing the overall boating experience.

Long-Term Value:
Premium Features

Boats constructed using vacuum infusion technology may offer better long-term value due to their superior durability, reduced maintenance needs, and potential for improved resale value.

Innovative Design Possibilities:
Limitless possibilities

The vacuum infusion process allows for the creation of complex and innovative hull designs, providing boaters with more options to choose from when selecting a vessel that meets their specific needs and preferences.

Vacuum infusion offers cost-efficiency, superior quality, and environmental benefits. By utilizing a closed-mold system, this method minimizes styrene emissions, thereby reducing potential environmental pollution. The process also significantly minimizes voids and waste. Furthermore, the resulting product boasts increased fiber content, enhancing both stiffness and overall strength.

In essence, our vacuum infusion technique provides a host of advantages such as enhanced durability, lighter weight, superior quality control, and eco-friendly benefits. This approach is favored by leading boatbuilders in the industry, including Clark Sound Boats

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